Tacoma Recycles Right

The Recycling Partnership and City of Tacoma

The City of Tacoma’s Solid Waste Division has diverse target audiences, including limited English proficient (LEP) residents who primarily speak Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean, and Khmer. The Solid Waste Division had received complaints about the translations and materials geared toward these target audiences who live in multifamily buildings and commissioned InterEthnica for graphic design, market research, translation, and transcreation services. InterEthnica updated all informational recycling materials for the department in English, transcreated each piece in the 5 target languages, tested materials, recycling behaviors, and solid waste perspectives in English, Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese focus groups. This research and design process created effective, culturally nuanced, and exquisite language for the Solid Waste Division. 


Focus Group Design, Recruitment, and Implementation,
Graphic Design and Illustration, Development of Culturally Nuanced Recycling Catalog,
Transcreation of Solid Waste Information Materials,
Translation, Multilingual Typesetting, UX Design Consulting,