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Sharon Kang,
Project Manager & Research Analyst

Sharon's passion for promoting equitable outcomes stems from her early experiences witnessing the adverse impacts of a lack of representation and language access in her community. She simultaneously experienced the richness and diversity of her culture and developed a deep appreciation for the unique perspectives and contributions of community workings. As a result, Sharon has always gravitated towards projects for the social good, like Project Rishi. There, she conducted research and engagement to promote sustainable outcomes for rural communities in India, driving actionable insights to advance social justice for youth experiencing poverty.

Sharon continues utilizing her research analysis and community engagement skills by supporting the Port of San Francisco's Waterfront Resilience Program by leveraging qualitative data to provide valuable insights into how community leaders and the Program's multiagency Equity Working Group feel about the Program's Draft Equity Evaluation Framework. In addition, she enjoys organizing and evaluating information gleaned from projects like the San Francisco Recreation and Parks' Marina Improvement and Remediation Project's community workshops and surveys, which will help inform the future of the Marina waterfront.

Sharon is an honors graduate of the University of California, Davis, and holds a Certificate of Proficiency in Qualitative Research. She is fluent in English and Punjabi. Sharon enjoys playing basketball and growing her curated sneaker collection in her free time.

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