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Michael Abboud, Project Associate

As an intern with InterEthnica’s audio engineer, Michael gained exposure and interest in various projects that aimed to shape public policy. While driven to become a sound engineer, Michael’s desire to work with the community came unexpectedly. He has over eight years of experience working as an expert audio technician and conducting community engagement at InterEthnica. Michael finds incredible joy when gathering input that empowers participation from people who have never felt included in public processes, like his work on behalf of the San Francisco City Survey, Vision Zero SF, Civic Center Public Realm, and Spare the Air. Michael has used his audio engineering skills to ensure that visually impaired and blind San Francisco voters can access voter information by developing the audio version of the city’s Voter Information Pamphlet. 
Michael is an award-winning writer and is studying to become a neurological researcher. When he is not working or studying, you can find Michael serenading friends and family with his guitar.   

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