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Deborah Oh, Associate Principal

As a child of monolingual immigrants, Deborah learned firsthand how crucial it is to bridge cultural and linguistic divides to foster a shared understanding. As a result, she is a deep thinker and a strategic cultural consultant who offers our clients up-to-date and nuanced recommendations on how to make their projects and campaigns authentically inclusive and resonate with diverse audiences, including providing her incredible graphic design skills. She is most proud of her work on the Used Motor Oil Recycling Campaign for the San Francisco Department of the Environment and the City of Salinas Litter Prevention Campaign, designing focus groups and developing creative and engaging tactics to promote sustainable behavior among Latinx families.

With 13 years at InterEthnica, Deborah has become an expert at distilling complex information into practical tools and toolkits, as she has done for the Waterfront Resilience Program's Equity Evaluation Framework, toolkit development for a more inclusive James Cary Smith Grant application process, and toolkits for the City of Tacoma's Recycling Program.

Deborah studied International Relations with a focus on Latin America at Stanford University and holds an advanced Community-Based Social Marketing (CBSM) certification. Deborah also holds graphic design and user experience (UX) design certifications. She speaks English, Spanish, and Korean. When Deborah is not working or studying for her Master's Degree, you can find her teaching aerial arts and training for performances worldwide.

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