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Ayali Molne Puerta,
Community Engagement Specialist

Ayali is a long-term San Francisco resident from Havana, Cuba, who understands and empathizes with the unique challenges that Latino community members face. She is passionate about reducing injustice and inequality, actively informing, and listening to the community. Ayali has over 15 years of experience providing Spanish-language support on InterEthnica’s projects. She is known for her expert focus group moderation, facilitation, and interpretation to help raise awareness, gather authentic insights, and empower community-led decision-making. In addition, she was the lead cultural consultant for the Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) redevelopment efforts, where she ensured people understood their rights and the information necessary to make informed decisions.
Ayali is a former Spanish Grammar professor at the University of Havana and a certified translator and interpreter. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish Linguistics and Grammar and a Masters in Publishing and Editing. Ayali is a native Spanish speaker. When Ayali isn’t working, you can find her teaching Spanish. 

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