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Anna Wood, Project Associate

Anna believes intentionally planned and meaningfully executed engagement and research can empower underrepresented voices and unleash important narratives. As a biracial, second-generation immigrant, Anna is personally motivated to find pathways for intersectional identities to have a voice in public projects. 

Anna has experience conducting interviews and surveys and working with community-based organizations to promote equitable outcomes, like inclusive healthcare and food resources. She is known for her ability to weave storytelling into reports that bring human meaning, emotion, and action to the insights she uncovers. As a Coro Fellow in Public Affairs, Anna has worked on community engagement and communications projects across the public sector, including designing an outreach plan for the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department and securing emergency funding for FACESSF’s COVID-19 clinic.

Anna received a BA in Anthropology from Middlebury College, where she served as a Community Based Participatory Research Teaching Assistant for the Anthropology Research Methods course. She holds a Certificate of Proficiency Qualitative Research. Anna loves to swim and cycle along the California coast in her free time.

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