Peninsula Clean Energy

Peninsula Clean Energy


Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) is San Mateo County’s official electricity provider offering cleaner energy at lower rates to its 300,000 electricity customers. In anticipation of its launch, PCE needed to educate the public of the program and make sure its marketing campaign would resonate with its diverse constituents. We translated and consulted on the development of all advertising and outreach materials including the PCE website; tested creatives through focus groups in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino; and developed and placed the ethnic media plan and buy. The advertising campaign resulted in a 62% increase in website traffic and the opt-out rate has remained under 1%, far exceeding the client’s initial goal of 15%.


Public Participation Plan, Community Engagement, Stakeholder Engagement, 
Workshop Design, Workshop Facilitation, Interpretation, Intercept Survey, Graphic Design
and Infographics, Translation, Multilingual Typesetting