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Deborah Oh, Associate Principal

Born and raised in the melting pot that is Los Angeles, Deborah was always fascinated by the many cultures that surrounded her. As a child of monolingual immigrants who had their start in the ethnic enclave of Koreatown, she learned firsthand how crucial it is to bridge cultural and linguistic divides to avoid miscommunication and foster a shared understanding. Deborah combines her inborn curiosity for different cultures with her extensive research background to develop and consult on impactful campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences. She is most proud of her work on the Used Motor Oil Recycling Campaign for the San Francisco Department of the Environment and the City of Salinas Litter Prevention Campaign, designing focus groups and developing creative and engaging tactics to promote sustainable behavior among Latino families.


Deborah studied International Relations with a focus on Latin America at Stanford University and holds an advanced certification in Community-Based Social Marketing (CBSM). She speaks English, Spanish, and Korean.

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