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Ayali Molne Puerta, Community Engagement Specialist

A native Cuban who lived in Havana until the age of 29, Ayali knows the meaning of community work and its crucial importance in engaging with people in their native language. As a Latino immigrant and a long-term San Francisco resident, she understands and empathizes with the unique challenges faced by her community members and strives to ensure they feel heard and understood.


Working on reducing injustice and inequality is her passion, and most recently Ayali has served as the lead cultural consultant for the Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) redevelopment efforts to ensure Latinos understand their rights and have access to information necessary to make informed decisions.


Ayali has been providing exquisitely precise translation services for the past 15 years and is a former Spanish Grammar professor at the University of Havana and a San Francisco State University trained interpreter. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Linguistics and Grammar and a Masters in Publishing and Editing.

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